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By: Francisco H. Isla - Editor in Chief

December has arrived and with it, the month on which we celebrate Christmas and make resolutions for the upcoming year; some people want to start a new business, some others want to lose weight, meet their significant other and so on but I personally believe that we must be thankful for what we have and for my friends, readers and customers and I want to thank God for allowing us to bring you once again our FEM International magazine.

FEM INTERNATIONAL is my passion, the result of effort of a great teamwork. It is not easy to stay afloat in this competitive world mainly in advertising business, with persistence and love of what we do has as a result the success—that’s why we make a difference.

This issue brings up several events we´ve been part of thanks to the Commissioners and Authorities from our area so we can present them to you. Just to mentioned a few of them, we have the Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner, Turkey Delivery Handout and Tree Lightning in Guttenberg, Noche Empresarial Networking in West New York, Hudson County Chamber of Commerce Mindfulness Planner Event in Edgewater, Night with Victor Camera; a Venezuelan Actor in West New York and many more.

We are already working on 2020´s projects and we will have more great networkings, seminars, conferences, more presence in our community

Regardless of what your cultural background is, you are welcome here! FEM International is your MAGAZINE! Take it, share it, keep it and collaborate with us. Your comments are welcome. Please support our sponsors!.

I wish you a Prosperous New Year full of projects and great abundance. 


Until next month,

Francisco Isla:.

Twitter: @frankisla 

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